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Project Sunday. Building Families Through Adoption.

Children of every age deserve a family.  Children find themselves in foster care for any number of reasons.  Many of them are never going home and are looking for forever families and a place to call home.  If you are looking to grow your family, consider choosing a child from the foster care system.  Whether you are looking for an infant or a more independent tween, the perfect addition to your family is waiting for you.

How You Can Get Involved

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Foster Parenting

When children are not able to stay safely in their own homes, they often go into what we refer to as foster care. The state agency, DCFS, works toward a safe return home for children when possible. The length of time a child may be in a foster home could vary from one night to several years. In some circumstances, adoption will become the goal, and a child will need a “forever” home. Are you ready to be a foster parent?


When you think of adoption, you may think of private adoptions or international adoptions. However, there is another option.  As a foster care parent, you are uniquely positioned to adopt children right here in Louisiana.  While the first goal of foster care is reunification, the reality is often times that is not possible, and children, from infants to teens, are available for adoption. Are you interested in adopting a child from foster care?

Join the Cause

Monetary gifts of any amount help in our mission to support foster families and build families through adoption. Every donation adds up brings us closer to the goal of finding a home for every child!

What We Do

Project Sunday’s purposed is first and foremost to bring awareness about the foster care system and the possibilities it brings to build families.  Being a foster parent in and of itself is a noble service.  Not every child will be available for adoption, but every child in the foster care system is in need of love and support while they are in that system. 

Our Story

Founder, Erica Mayon, has a personal connection with the foster care system.  As a child, Erica’s parent’s were foster parents.  She grew up a part of the system, albeit outside of the system.  The foster care system has a long list of flows, but it also has a long list of children who want nothing more than a family.  As a result of Erica’s parents’ involvement, she gained two brothers and a cousin.  Erica and her husband were foster parents together even before they were married.  Adopting has always been part of their plan to expand their family.  There are a lot of myths revolving the foster care system.  There is even more confusion surrounding adopting from the foster care system. Project Sunday hopes to bring light to what is beautiful and positive about the system and use that momentum to build more families through adoption.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you are interested in volunteering with Project Sunday, donating to our mission, or have questions about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please contact us.

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